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Final interview with Technology Director and Superintendent, the Superintendent points to the Director and asks me, "Do you want his job?"

1 Answer

Yes absolutely I do, but not yet, I have a lot to learn.

Given an un-ordered array of integers n, starting at 1 and ending at n, there is one number missing and one number duplicated. Find them.

1 Answer

Describe your background experience with source code review.

3 Answers

What would you like to do? What are your goals?

1 Answer

Don't be afraid to tell the recruiter about your past.

1 Answer

What is the least valuable skill that you bring?

1 Answer

"How would you describe yourself in one word?"

2 Answers

what technology information do you know

1 Answer

First question caught me off guard and it shouldn't have: How does sound move through water? The rest were challenging, but enjoyable.

1 Answer

What makes you passionate about Technology Sales

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