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IT Project Manager was asked...October 24, 2013

Provide a specific situation from your work history when you failed as a Project Manager and what did you do about it?

2 Answers

G Vb sh

Provided a situation early in my career as a Project Manger where mistakes are expected. I detailed how I learned from the experience and what I do now to mitigate that from happening again. Less

How do you feel about cold-calling?

1 Answers

I don't mind. I'm outgoing and it transfers well over the phone in my voice and energy. I like helping people solve problems and as a recruiter I believe I can convey that well over the phone. Less

Delek US

How do you deal with difficult people or seemingly unreasonable deadlines

1 Answers

Ask your manager and have ranked priorities

BNP Media

How would you handle bringing in new business?

1 Answers

My focus would be to build relationships, meet with clients face to face, and build up our network Less


If we suffered a breach, how would you handle it?

1 Answers

I would start with where the breach was reported and backtrack to the source as quickly as possible. Many times a breach can be attributed to a firewall misconfiguration or public-facing service. Less


Name a situation where you had to work with someone of an older generation.

1 Answers

This person was also the plant manager. I was asked to find a solution to a technical problem that exhibited in a particular area of their current processes. There was not any practical resolution from the technology options, so I needed him to amend the process, just slightly. I presented the problem to him in a meeting with all stakeholders attending. I then confirmed the obstacles to the technology, and offered the specific catch in the process. He immediately asserted that the most logical solution was to amend the process is the manner I needed. All agreed, and he got to be the wise voice of reason and top decision maker. Everyone was happy. Less

VHC Health

Have you handled major systems replacements and worked to manage several other projects at the same time to ensure interoperability.

1 Answers

I have experience in this area so I answered with examples. You will need to have experience PMing multiple medium/large projects simultaneously for this kind of role here. Less

Jefferson Wells International

Do you know ERP solutions? If so, what is your experience in implementing and/or auditing them.

IT Role was asked...November 13, 2015

How many man hours would it take to clean every single window in London?

21 Answers

Thank you for the time, this job's not for me...

If that includes Windows Vista it doesn't seem worthwhile.

Based on London's population and an average time per window you could give a rough estimate. Each person has a home and a workplace (schools or other public institutions are also here). So I have 2 windows for me at home and 2 at home, maybe more.. Then I take all cars of London probably the same or more as the population have about 6 windows each So the formula would be: time_per_window * ( population * ( 2 at home + 2 at work + 6 per car)) Less

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Load a file using Pig which has a custom field delimiter and line terminator

12 Answers

You need to write a UDF for Load extending the class LoadFunc

Short Term goals:bug discovery,bug prevention Long Term goals:quality,risk management,customer satisfaction Less

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