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Telecommunications Services interview questions

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A UNIX fie system has been reported at 100% full. You log in and clear what appears to be the offending file. However, the file system still reports to be 100% full. What could cause this?>

3 Answers

In this case the answer accepted was. "The file that you cleared was still open by the calling application. The file handle was still in use and the file system was not recognizing that the space had been released.

Use the lsof utilty (List Open Files) to identfy the process

Kill or restart the process which has been still looking for deleted file

How do you define project plan?

2 Answers

How do you make people choose a product they don't want.

2 Answers

In a Unix environment what are the top 3-5 considerations for performance monitoring a Java application that has access to a local Oracle instance (located on the same server). Please be as specific as possible (i.e. commands, locations, etc.)

1 Answer

How would you respond to a customer who encountered a problem with a product or service.

1 Answer

An old man and a younger person come in at the same time, who would you help first?

1 Answer

Scenario: Try to convince me to upgrade to the $70 plan instead of the $50 plan

1 Answer

Sell me this paper clip (or any other various object they may have)

1 Answer

What will be the greatest contribution that you can ever make as an individual to your team

1 Answer

Tell me about your management style.

1 Answer
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