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How would you convince some one over the phone to take the mentioned products?

2 Answers

by telling quality of product and how it is useful for them,its advantage and comparing with other substitute and service will provide with this product

comparing with substitute product and focuses on customer attention toward this new product which are going to introduce him

Do you have a car?

1 Answer

How would I handle an irate caller

1 Answer

They shoot at you with unexpected questions depending on the person. When I finished mine I was asked, what other thing you want to add about you? after you have wasted all your ammunition.

1 Answer

Here, read this !

1 Answer

The most difficult question was do you think you can deal with rejection

1 Answer

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

1 Answer

No a physical person asking you question. The process was sending you to Doral, FL headquarters and sit in front of a computer as if you were presenting a quiz in the University.

1 Answer

Are you above of 40+?

1 Answer
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