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Telemetry Technician was asked...June 14, 2019

What experience do you have in this field?

3 Answers

Medical surgical nursing , training nurses

Also other general nursing experience in Out patient department, out reach , travel nurse Less

Those which I have answered

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Tell me about yourself

1 Answers

How well can you analyze data

Saint Joseph Mercy Health System

He asked about my schooling and my experience and why St. Joes.

1 Answers

I told him all about what I learned in school and how long I had been waiting to get a job in the field I trained in, which was about 3 years. I also told him I chose St. Joes because they are the ones who offered the position I was seeking and my local hospital doesn't have this position. Less

OSF HealthCare

At the end they asked why should I be selected for the job?

1 Answers

I can't remember my exact answer but it was along the lines of I learn fast and work hard. I have three children that I am responsible for so I will be reliable and I have the experience. Less

Advanced ICU Care

What is one of your weaknesses and how did you overcome it?

1 Answers

That I used to get offended when someone was rude or impolite to me. I overcame with wisdom and realizing that sometimes coworkers could be having a bad day and to not take things personally. Also effective communication is the key to all problem-solving. Less

Harris Health System

What can I contribute to the team

1 Answers

I am a team player and good at following directions

Select Medical

Why would I be a good fit at Select.

1 Answers

My tenure, knowledge and experience at a major hospital in the region.

Riverside University Health System

Mainly asked about heart rhythms

1 Answers

As long as your certified and have taken a telephone course you will be fine.

AMG Healthcare

Can you handle the work, because it's a lot of work not just telemetry?

1 Answers

Yes, I believe it's important to balance work and telemetry monitoring. I believe the best way is to keep strong communication with nurses and keeping everyone aware of what is going on concerning their patients. Less

Mercy Health

Describe a a time where you had to deal with a difficult patient/customer

1 Answers

I just explained how i dealt with noncompliant patients at another hospital i worked Less

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