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Teleservice Representative Interview Questions


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You had a much higher income in Private Industry. Why are you applying for THIS job ?

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The Beancounters took all the fun out of the job. The stress level resulted in 3 coworkers having heart attacks with the 2 years at my last job; one of them died.

How many calls do you handle/day in your current job.

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I wasn't really asked anything difficult. Just the usual " Why do you want to work for this company?" "What are you expectation for the job/company?" Of course they wanted to know what where my strengths and weaknesses. I was asked several times is this job was what I was looking for. I just assumed they keep asking me this question because of my educational background and how my they were offering to pay me.

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How do you feel you would work in a call center setting?

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What would you do with someone over the phone with a language barrier and does not want to work with any one else?

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Why Kaiser? Why should we select you?

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How many years experience did I have in the position

Can you tell me a time when you had to defuse a situation with an irate client? Can you tell me a time when you went about and beyond to help a client in a dire situation, and what was the outcome?

cdo I get along with others?

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How would you handle a call with an irate caller?

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