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PNC Financial Services Group
Teller Banking Representative I was asked...December 12, 2011

(1:1 Hiring Mgr) What is the extent of your cash handling experience?

3 Answers

Lead / Head Teller in Queens, and a High Priority Teller at Wall Street, N.Y.C.T.A. Location BROOKLYN n QUEENS, NY. Cash Handler for over 5 years, On a Average DAY of BY Hand Cash Handled was $200.00K, or higher. McCoy Federal Credit Union, Location ORLANDO, FL. $$ amounts would vary from day to day. PGA Credit Union, Location PBG. $$$ amounts would vary day to day, Friedman 's Jewlers Location WPB., FL. Assistance Store Manager n Credit Manager. $$$ varied from day to day, as well as the jewelry. SAM'S Location: WPB. FL. COS/CSM Cashier. OVER 2 years. Handling CASH $$ was a big Part of responsibility as well as Member / Customer Service. I started working at 15 years old, n I've always dealt with Zero Mistakes / Errors made, when it came the end of the day to Prove Out / Count Drawer Down. Bonded in 2 states, NY and FL. Thank you for your time, it is appreciated. KATHLEEN Uzzo Less

East N.Y. Savings Bank, Mid Town Location:NYC., Lead / Head Teller. Citibank: World Trade Center and Queens, NYC., 2x different locations. NYC. Less

Mention any cashiering jobs or cash office jobs and be specific with how much money you handled on average. You will also be asked if you were solely accountable for your drawer/safe. Less

PNC Financial Services Group
Teller I was asked...January 25, 2010

What appeals to you about working as a teller?

1 Answers

Holidays off, flexible schedule and the challenge of a new experience.

U.S. Bank
Teller I was asked...January 8, 2015

How did you handle a upset customer ?

2 Answers

I was sympathetic about the situation and made them see that I cared about getting the issue fixed. I followed up with them Less

I would love to help about upset customer because there is something like good thinking because they doesn't know about what is the benefits with him. Less

U.S. Bank
Teller I was asked...November 24, 2013

Name a time you have been discriminated against.

2 Answers

I'm a white male living in Idaho...I haven't.

I'm a white girl in Idaho, I don't get free money cause I wasn't born an Indian

Lake Michigan Credit Union

After the simulation of describing and trying to "sell" an LMCU product to the interviewers, I was asked how I would deal with the situation if a member declined my offer.

1 Answers

I would suggest another product and ask the member to keep the initial product in mind for a later date. Less

United Community Bank
Teller I was asked...March 26, 2015

What is your least favorite thing about being a teller?

1 Answers

I honestly love it all, and that's not a cop out. If I had to choose one thing it would be performing cash advances at the drive-thru. It causes too much of a traffic jam, and it takes too long. Less

American Savings Bank
Teller I was asked...August 22, 2014

Suppose you are on your way to an appointment with one of your clients. You accidentally lock yourself out of your house, and you left everything inside - keys, wallet, etc. What will you do?

1 Answers

I will call the client


The questions were the usual, with nothing unexpected. Both interviewers asked me about situations where I dealt with a disgruntled or upset customer, and a situation in which I had to multitask, and how I felt about working under pressure.

1 Answers

For the disgruntled customer, I said that most unhappy people want to have their issue listened to and understood, and they want to get it resolved. I've found that by actively listening to the customer, and apologizing sincerely for their problem, then making a concerted effort to either resolve their issue or find someone that can, you can turn a customer into a LOYAL customer, or a life-long customer. Less

PNC Financial Services Group

(group) Would anyone like to share something they learned about PNC?

1 Answers

Do research and mention some facts about PNC in the group interview.

UMB Financial Corporation

Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

1 Answers

Graduated, and working in the business sector. Can't say where specifically, I'm still learning and experiencing new things. I do see the banking industry fitting into my long-term plans though. Less

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