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The most difficult question they could ask was what is your weakness and as I really did not have one.

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I stated my weakness was passing on time sensitive work to others as I have a record of achieving my dead lines before the time and I like to see a project through from start to finish.

how much experience do you have

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How did you handle an employee who did not like you or was difficult?

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This was my second time applying cause my first interview they basically wanted all the information from my previous job didn’t ask me no star or behavioral questions but I didn’t let that stop me from applying again just needed someone to interview me about what I can bring to the table so everyone will interview differently cause am also a manager

First interview was awesome asked me about my experience making sure I can do the requirements the position asked for.great conversation

second interview was same as first but asked behavioral questions..dealing with a customers one where one left happy and one that left unhappy and what would you change about it next time ..why should I hire you..describe your weakness and strengths ..great communication

Why you're applying for this position???

How do you work with a difficult person?

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