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Sales Interview Questions in Tempe, AZ

As a sales representative, your ability to speak to clients has a large impact on the company’s profits. Great interpersonal, listening, and marketing skills are all essential. As sales reps often encounter skeptical or difficult customers, employers will be looking to assess your ability to present a product with ease, counter objections, and bounce back from rejection. Be prepared to give a convincing sales pitch on one of the company's products or role-play a situation in which you have to persuade difficult customer.

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NO QUESTIONS, JUST went over WHERE I WORKED PREVIOUSLY, SAID THAT I HAD GREAT REVIEWS AND THAT HE HAS BIG GROWTH EXPECTATIONS FOR THE COMPANY. I see you worked at..., I reached out to your previous employers..., I would like to offer you....

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, however, there is no record of ever having met at a Starbucks location for an interview, we typically meet at our Phoenix area office. If you wish to apply for employment with Burly Sons Moving & Storage please apply online at

As a condition of our employment with Burly Sons Moving & Storage, medical benefits are available, however the employee isn't eligible until the probational period of 30 days is complete.

How did you do so well on your test?

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If you could have one super power what would it be?

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Will you be available morning night and weekend even when you are not scheduled?

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So, you don't work now?

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What was the most difficult sales experience you had? How did you resolve it and did you get your desired outcome?

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Why do you want to work for Stein Mart?

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"Explain a complex database to me."

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Why am I best suited for the position?

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1) Years in sales 2) outside or inside sales experience 9which do you feel more comfortable doing) Your closing style etc. 3) What are your expectations for income and how much are you earning now

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