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Sony DADC Interviews in Terre Haute

www.sonydadc.com /  HQ: Terre Haute, IN

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Indiana State University Interviews in Terre Haute

web.indstate.edu /  HQ: Terre Haute, IN

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Walmart Interviews in Terre Haute

www.walmart.com /  HQ: Bentonville, AR

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Interview Questions in Terre Haute

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Marketing provides a lot of resources to help you promote your product. Of all the tools you are provided with, which are most important to help you reinforce your message to the doctor? What % of time on your calls do you use the following tools: Visual Aid, clinical studies, any detail aids that are on your computer?

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In my opinion, it depends on the physician type. I adapt my selling style to the physician’s. The visual aid always helps to reinforce my message to the doctor. I always, 100% have my sales aid on each of my calls. I always have my clinical studies available, but it’s not always necessary to use them on each call, unless I have an analytical physician. I have not used detail aids on my computer, because I’ve always had a hand/held PDA for electronic signatures, but I think it’s a fantastic idea, and I have seen other representatives utilize it.

greastest .... what are most proud of, what do you look to be in 5 years

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Describe a project in which you completed successfully?

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What idea do you like most about possibly working here?

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How the current job impacts other departments.

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They asked you if you've ever done drugs, convicted of a felony, have a validated license, reliable transportation, etc.

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Tell me about yourself.

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Why do you want to work here?

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Describe a positive shopping experience you've had as a customer.

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What is the difference between selling and serving?

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