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What is your biggest weakness?

3 Answers

Don't b.s. here.. they will call you out. After I answered the question truthfully they thanked me for not using a cliche response and stated that they call people out when they do so.

what was your story

I said I had a difficult time relying on others because of the company I was working with at the time. My coworkers werent responsible and werent held accountable either. Since then, Ive left my old company and started with a company, not Altria. Met a few people that used to work for them and didnt have nice things to say. Make sure you really want to work for them. If not, look into a more reputable, rewarding, socially accepted company like Hershey's!

How do you feel about selling cigarettes?

2 Answers

How do I know your not just telling me what I want to hear an idiot would tell me he is coachable.

2 Answers

Sell me this pen?

2 Answers

Would I throw Ethics out the window to make a sale. They want you to say yes!

1 Answer

Situational, and personal.

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One that was interesting and new to me was, "What kind of car do you drive and why?" Follow up question, "There are a lot of very affordable, high quality used cars, so why would you drive something that expensive?"

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What home appliance would I be

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when things didn't go your way at work and what you did about it.

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