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Territory Sales Manager Interview Questions


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There were no curveballs in either of my interviews.

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What is your experience in the Land Mobile Radio industry?

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How do you view EF Johnson in the market place?

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You will very likely be asked a situational question about a sales account you have that wants to sign up for a program. You know this is not the best idea because you will have a better and more profittable program coming in a month or two. What do you do?

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Recall a situation where you encountered a customer who was unhappy with an item that you sold them. How did you remedy the situation. Were you able to retain the customer

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How will you respond to someone who refuses to work with you due to your background?

Tell me about a time when..... - you had to convince someone to do something? - you made a mistake and how you fixed it. Tell me some strengths and weaknesses How do you contribute in a team?

During my phone interview I was specifically asked about my management background and experience, BUT during my face-to-face interview I was offered a regular Sales Rep position.

Why do you want to work for Wendover Corp?

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No apparent curve balls, but then again, I was prepared and honest with all my answers/responses.

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