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Tell me about a time that you did not agree with something your manager wanted you to do.

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use STAR approach

What is the STAR Approach?

If I didn't agree on an item that my manager wanted me to do. I certainly had a conversation with him in why he wanted me to do something that I had questions about. I believe that being straight forward is the right way to do things, that's how we get better with understanding our work with co-worker's and or supervisor's. We don't always agree but understanding the reason for performing certain work activities gives that person some stability to learn and further work relations.

Why do you want to work for Allergan?

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Tell us what you know about Allergan?

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DM asked me "There are approximately 20 working days in a month, if you want to visit & do Preventive Maintenance for your top 100 customers in your territory, 6 customers/day (assuming that there is no emergency service call/s), how would you manage your time among customers? If you have extra time, what would you do ?

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the job comes with a company car, we need to go over your driving record. 1. over the past three years have you had a speeding ticket 3. over the past three years have you had a traffic accident either your fault or someone else's 3. have you EVER had a traffic infraction for Alcohol.

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The lack of questions were the most surprising aspect of this interview

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How would you interact with people that are on a much lower economic level than yourself?

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Nothing new, standard sales questions

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Whats your experience?

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What kind of sales have you done before?

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