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You have a building with 100 stories. You also have two glass balls. You can drop the glass balls as many times as you want before they break. How can you find the floor at which they start breaking with the fewest number of drops?

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Not truly a brain teaser because the answer is mathematical.

search for "two egg problem". its a minimization of maximum regret problem http://www.datagenetics.com/blog/july22012/index.html

If you have N stories, you use the first glass ball to increment by sqrt(N) stories. Once that ball breaks, you use your second to go to the level of sqrt(N) below where it broke, and increment floor by floor. You know it must break somewhere in that group of sqrt(N) stories. I believe this method gets you a runtime of O(n^0.5).

Tell me about linux internals and linux kernal. What is a heap and a stack? Difference between list and tuple in python. What is an zombie process, how do you deal with it? What is interrupt latency, race condition, context switch? Where do you see yourself in five years?

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How would you test this plastic, compostable knife?

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You have two results from a database query. Check if they return the same thing.

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Design a test for ______

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Why did you choose Electrical Engineering Technology over EE?

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Perl program to match ip address in a file for the last 16 bits

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What LabView experience do you have?

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Why Medtronic?

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