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Test Lead Interview Questions

"As a test lead, you'll be responsible for creating project roadmaps and directing your team of QA test engineers to achieve project goals. In an interview, expect to answer a mix of questions that will evaluate your QA testing skills as well as people management abilities."

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Overall telecom wireline life cycle questions

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There was a detailed technical question about a test strategy for a complex system built with a domain-specific language. When I answered in general terms, the interviewer kept pressing for more specifics and detailed examples. I finally realized that she didn't really understand the problem. I confronted her with "This is your job, isn't it? And you don't know how to do it!" She admitted I was right.

How would you calibrate a gyroscope and what is the working principle of gyroscope.

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How many weekends in a row are you comfortable working? What's your maximum? I love working weekends.

You and, let's say, Bob have an idea on how to proceed in a project. Me and (insert other employee here) have a different idea, but its result would be exactly the same. Who's way would you pick? Yours or ours. And picking ours results in a stalemate because we won't go along with yours.

How would you test to see if a light is on when you close a fridge?

If you had a badminton racket as a pizza delivery driver, how would you use it to improve your job?

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