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If instrument X is having trouble injecting a sample, what is the first place you would check for a problem?

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I was asked about a simple light bulb circuit and how to test it. Also asked about troubleshooting a line of switches in series with 1 open/ not working. Next time I think I will tell them it is stupid and that all switches and bulb or call button would be in Parrellel. It was confusing

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What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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Tell me about yourself

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Did you take any classes related to Helium leak detection?

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Are we hiring a body or a brain? What? no,just kidding!

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What work locations and types of work would I be willing to consider?

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Specific questions regarding the Programmable Logic Control (PLC) was somewhat difficult for me since I only had limited experience with it, at the time.

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Did you ever test fiber optic modules?

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Suppose several of our clients have set up our product at their facilities. Suddenly, they start to fail at certain sites, but not others. What would you do to try to figure out what's wrong?

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