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Theoretical Interview Questions


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Theoretical Interview Questions

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Describe the Trans-theoretical Model of Change (TTM) and how you used it in the past to help a client of yours? (they were referring to me being a personal trainer)

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I was honest and said I am not familiar with the TTM . After they explained it to me I told them of a story how a prospective client was not ready for personal training. I didn't press the issue with him, gave him a packet of information on my services and said, "When your ready for training or you have any questions, feel free to come find me." Three months later he came back unexpectedly and bough a bunch or services and products from me. I met him in the Pre-contemplation phase and my information and parting words brought him into Action phase three months later.

One of the interviewers barely spoke English and got agitated when I pointed that I cannot understand what is he saying.

The questions covered a breadth of Computer Science and programming knowledge, plus specific web development experience. I don't want to discuss particulars because we intend to keep asking them, but know that you'll be put through your paces, and it'll feel good. It's the only interview I've ever left mentally tired-out.

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