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Ticket Sales interview questions

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Ticketmaster Interviews

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Interview Questions

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Why do I like working as a Box Office Treasurer?

1 Answer

I enjoy the communal experience of helping people discover (or rediscover) their love of theatre of which I am passionate about.

Given a table that has parent's id and children id, write a query that return grandparents and grandchildrens

1 Answer

What's your favorite tree?

2 Answers

Why are you interested in this job with your experienced background? it's a long hike from your house to SF and the pay isn't that great.

1 Answer

If you want to build in the fees of Eventbrite when creating a ticket price, how do you do that?

1 Answer

"How does traceroute discover the next hop in the link?"

1 Answer

roughly stated .. do you manage by feel or by numbers?

1 Answer

Mostly about my ability to work in front of people and under high pressure.

1 Answer

What are your qualification ?

1 Answer

What specific deal proposal do you have that will grow Ticketmaster's overall business?

1 Answer
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