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I can't say anything particular but prepare switching topics and BGP. Even TCP/IP questions may be asked. VLAN, VTP, STP, BGP, connection troubleshooting, VLAN troubleshooting, EIGRP convergence time (how to change?), learn some iOS commands, Route poisoining (RIP).

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The management needs to be more organized. Pay is very low.

How to deploy a MSI package under group policy of 2003 server ADS

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Transactional logging of Lotus Notes databases and how the Full vs incremental differ.

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Have you ever worked in a NOC environment before.

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Did not have any difficult or unexpected question, I was well prepared. Just be yourself.

What command is used to display detailed information about neighboring cisco devices.

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What is the administrative distance of OSPF.

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How to troubleshoot example scenarios involving failing technology.

How many hosts are available in a /30 network.

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Q: What would be the email you would send to a client after your phone call?

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