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There is a lost child, an over flowing sink ink the bathroom, an angry guest at the service desk, and the big head bosses just walked in the door. What would you do?

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The biggest thing is to delegate.

The lost child takes precedence over ANYTHING else. That situation must be hit head-on. Police should be immediately called in case of foul play. A polite referral to the problem to the visiting management should be understood by them as parents and as humanitarians. If not, you don't want to work there anyway. The second problem, the over-flowing sink, should be handled through delegation. The angry guest should be handled through delegation. The visiting bosses can then be met with and updates on the other situations can be delivered.

The first and the foremost concentration should be on child .police should be immedeatly informed... an angry guest can be handled by convincing power...... boss is not a big problem to deal with,, depends on u.....den comes the sink,, a plumber should b called.. and thats all....

What was your former salary?

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Really the interview did not ask any unexpected questions or difficult questions to answer. The interview was what I expected.

Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult person, and how did you handle the issue.

Why i felt i was qualified for the opportunity.

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