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Why do you want to work in Childcare?

1 Answer

Because it's so important to our world that we don't discredit early childhood. I'm good at it and clearly, I don't do it for the money.

What do I think toddlers need to promote positive growth?

1 Answer

They ask you your basic daycare questions, and scenarios. What is your favorite activity to do with children? How long have you been in child care? A parent comes in mad and yelling about Johnny biting their kid today, what do you do to reassure them and calm them down? I really think they found these questions online.

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Why do you want to work for Kid's R Kid's?

1 Answer

It was a packet of questions. Most were fairly easy, a couple were obvious psychology questions that needed a certain answer. Describe a time when you made mistakes? How would you handle a child doing ___?

What was a time when there was a rule you did not like but had to follow?

How much days off you think is okay to take off?

How would you handle a parent who has a complaint?

How would you react/act if the class was in chaos and you needed to regain their attention?

What is one instance of you're using your trouble shooting abilities with children of varying ages.

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