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Given two tables about website data, one table shows if the website has image or text. another table shows the daily traffic and other non-essential info about website. Output the top 10k website in dailly traffic which has image. It is just a question about table JOIN implementation.

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Using java, two Arraylists. finally when asked how to optimize the algorithm, I said a hashmap and an arraylist. The interviewer agreed but suggested that I should use it at the beginning.

If you could completely rebuild what development language would you use and why?

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Design an online version of the classic board game "Monopoly" on the whiteboard.

Do you know what our company does?

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They asked me how I might go about planning to code a specific software problem.

Write an implementation of malloc in C (referring to the stack and heap).

In a tree structure of parent/child nodes, with 2 starting points, while "walking" up the tree, how would you programmatically determine the lowest common denominator node? You cannot determine a whether a parent node has a child or how many children it has.

Describe and write an implementation of memcopy function and suggest improvements (SSE copying using assembly and the 128 bit register).

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