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2. On a screen shared browser based notepad type editor, write a unix command to get the filenames of those files from a directory or subdirectory which contain email addresses.

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3. Write a program in your favorite programming language that will count the words from a given file and display the count. Also write down the test cases for it or different test scenarios.

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Describe and write an implementation of memcopy function and suggest improvements (SSE copying using assembly and the 128 bit register).

Write a function (in any language) that you can pass n and run a factorial (i.e. n!)

The interview involved personal and technical questions, including proof-of-knowledge (data structures and traversal), open-ended implementation (how would you make or ), and general conversation over resume, work history, game development and design, etc.

Would you be willing to interview and relocate at your own expense?

Whant kind of data analysis tool I have used before?

I can't do that since i signed a NDA

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