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Marketing Coordinator Interview Questions in Toronto, ON

"Companies are looking for marketing coordinators who are knowledgeable about the marketing process and can communicate effectively to upper management. In an interview context, expect to be quizzed on your management knowledge and to be given examples of situations in which you have to utilize your judgment skills to determine which one is the most favorable. Employers will want to know how you perform under pressure, deal with difficult people, and the types of programs you are familiar with. To ace your interview, show that you are a motivated, creative, and flexible individual."

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I asked: Would you like to see my professional portfolio?

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Oh no, this is if you pass this test to discuss wtih a marketing manager. But first you will be meeting with a HR manager. I am taking vacation now, so you will probably hear from me in a two weeks time. (never heard from her)

It was one page questionaire where I had to rate from 1-4 in which order I am perceived by the others, e.g. timid, professional, talkative, shy

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Give an example of how you prioritize your day.

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Give me an example of a time you broke the rules.

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Give an example of a time you had to deliver critical feedback to a superior.

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Previous experience

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Can you tell me about a time when you had to juggle multiple tasks?

- Why digital marketing? - Why are you leaving your current job? - What would you say are the most important KPIs and why?

What was a difficult situation you experienced in your past position, and how did you overcome it?