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Program Manager Interview Questions in Toronto, ON

Program managers are responsible for overseeing several company projects that are connected by a common goal. Employers are looking for candidates who excel at people management and conflict resolution. Interviewers will want to know about your leadership and multitasking skills, so come ready to discuss a time you were able to successfully motivate a group to meet an imminent deadline or any experience diffusing issues between coworkers.

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Sounds pretty simple and I guess I should have expected it, but the question "where do you see yourself in 5 years" caught me off guard a little bit. Later on I found out that they ask this in every interview and really take into consideration people's answers.

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Right here! I see myself growing within and contributing to this organization and its mission.

*Explain _technical term__ to a 5 year old.

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They asked me to walk through my resume

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Are you familiar with CRM?

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Talking about previous experience, lots of whiteboarding to illustrate.

Given an array of n elements (not sorted), what is the complexity of checking if an element is in the array? How do you improve it to less than O(n)?

It was a long time ago, but one thing I do remember is the Supervisor of the position asking me who I'd help first: a student, an instructor, or herself as my boss. I answered "student" which was incorrect for her; my first priority was to be my boss! Other questions were behavioural-type interview questions.

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Q: Take in an unsorted array with duplicates and return it with no duplicates

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Experience in Project and Program Management. Examples of managing conflict (specific scenarios) Examples of managing resources and tough job assignments. Examples of Financial Management and Budgeting. Examples of Risk Management.

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1) Describe the DevOps environment that you worked on. 2) What is the role of Scrum master.

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