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During the group interview, we had 60 seconds to explain something that we were passionate about, that wasn't related to the job posting (i.e. something to do with travel or sales).

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Try to find a hobby that also displays a translatable skill. I.E. You like cooking because it allows you to be creative, but also teaches you patience.

I was asked why my previous job didn't hire me for a permanent position, and if my goal in life was to work there, and not with their company.

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If a client came back from a trip complaining about the amount of time it took for the transfers to get them to their destination, and there's nothing we can do to shorten the transfers, how do you handle the situation?

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What do you think we are looking for in the person we hire?

If you were the manager/boss at your previous place of employment what would you have done differently?

Pitch us something you're passionate about in 60 seconds or less.

Think of a time when your success or work received little praise - how did you stay motivated?

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