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Toy & Hobby Stores interview questions

Toys "R" Us Interviews /  HQ: Wayne, NJ

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Michaels Stores Interviews /  HQ: Irving, TX

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GameStop Interviews /  HQ: Grapevine, TX

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Interview Questions

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What qualifications do you look for in an employee ?

2 Answers

Pleasant personality, smiling and confident. We can teach the rest. It's almost impossible to change a persons personality. And never lasts.

Their ability to upsell plays a huge part, also good attitute, prior work in retail...

What's the stock of the company currently valued at?

4 Answers

What are your weaknesses?

7 Answers

Tell me something you don't like about your current boss.

2 Answers

What kind of games do you enjoy most?

2 Answers

Put these situation in order: Which has more prirority? -There is a guest in front of you that needs help reaching for an item. -The front register calls you for help on the walkie talkie. -There's a spill.

2 Answers

Are you a leader or a manager.

2 Answers

How to handle an upset customer

2 Answers

From interviews I've conducted it's the "What game knowledge do you have" question that trips people up.

2 Answers

describe a time you had competing priorities

1 Answer
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