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Write a SQL statement to retrieve all users and their info from the database where the last name starts with 'A'

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I said something along these lines SELECT * FROM Users WHERE last_name LIKE 'A%'

Lab work (measuring pH, measuring resistance, building two mechanical components with instructions given, and measuring inner diameter of a pipe piece)

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Will you continue to be this awesome if we hire you full time?

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Tell me about a time when you experienced conflict between co-workers.

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Is this 40k fast track program something you are looking for?

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Over the course of the technical interviews, they touched on almost everything I had listed as a technical skill on my resume and asked enough questions to verify whether I truly had a solid understanding/skill in that area or not. There is a whiteboard in the interview room and I was repeatedly encouraged to use it in order to work through questions they asked. Some of the questions I remember include: Can you write pseudo-code to calculate the factorial of a number? Explain how a Kalman filter works. Can you tell me about a filter you've designed? If you were tracking an object that was constrained to stay on a grid of possible paths, how could you design your filter to ensure that your estimates stayed on those paths? What do you know about Bayesian statistics and particle filters? Can you explain how you would combine two probability distribution functions (one from your filter and one from a new measurement)? What do you know about GPS? Can you draw a block diagram of a digital communications transmit/receive chain and explain it? Why would you use OQPSK instead of regular QPSK? Are you familiar with Kepler's equations? How do you do correlation in the time domain? What are the pros/cons of doing correlation in the time domain versus frequency domain?

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Tell me about one time you had a technical difficulty.

Tell me about a technical project you worked on. What were the major considerations you had to make while planning, executing, etc. What were the constraints? What was the size of the team you were on?

When was the last time you had to deal with a colleague you don't like?

Describe Kalman filter in detail and how it is used in sensor fusion

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