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What interests you about international trade?

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How to time 9 minutes from two 6-min burning wicks? pretty classic stuff

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Nothing really unexpected and there was no brain teaser questions.

No very difficult questions. They ask if you will be available 50-60 hours a week, sometimes until 11 on Friday nights. Maybe just want to see how you respond.

Do you remember the answers to the previous questions?

1) Give me 3 bullet points on why you would be a successful trader 2) Tell me everything that has happened in the markets in the past 2 weeks (you have 30-90 seconds) 3) How many oranges are eaten a day in the U.S.? Walk me through your logic and then give me a number at the end 4) Today is Friday, an oil spill will happen in the Gulf of Mexico on Monday. Tell me how to make money from it 5) You are given $1million to invest with, how do you turn it into as much money as possible 6) Why is your favorite company? Why? What is its stock price? What is its P/E ratio? 7) Who is the best money manager in the world? Imagine he comes to you and says "your favorite company" is overvalued, what do you do? 8) Supposed I tell you Samsung is making its own chips, what do you do with Qualcomm? 9) Have you ever started your own business? 10) How much money do you want to be making by 30? (question is a proxy for your ambition) 11) How much do you want to retire with? (another proxy for ambition)

1 jar of 100 black and red marbles, how would you arrange them into 2 jars to maximize EV of black marbles?

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