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Flip a coin until either HHT or HTT appears. Is one more likely to appear first? If so, which one and with what probability?

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Let A be the event that HTT comes before HHT. P{A} = P{A|H}P{H} + P{A|T}P{T} = .5P{A|H} + .5P{A|T} P{A|T} = P{A} therefore, P{A|H} = P{A|T} P{A|H} = P{A|HH}P{H} + P{A|HT}P{T} = (0)(.5) + P{A|HT}(.5) Therefore, 2P{A|H} = P{A|HT} P{A|HT} = P{A|HTT}P{T} + P{A|HTH}P{H} = (1)(.5) + P{A|H}(.5) 2P{A|H} = .5 + P{A|H}(.5) P{A|H} = 1/3 and P{A|H} = P{A}, therefore, P{A} = 1/3 So, HHT is more likely to appear first and it appears first 2/3 of the time.

P{A|H} = P{A|HH}P{H} + P{A|HT}P{T} = (0)(.5) + P{A|HT}(.5) Need help - - why is P{A|HH} = 0 ?

P(A|HH) = 0 because after a sequence of consecutive heads, you can no longer achieve HTT. The moment you get a tail, you will have the sequence HHT. This the reason HHT is more likely to occur first than HTT.

We each flip three fair coins. I offer to pay you $1 if we do not get the same amount of heads, if you agree to pay me $2 if we do (get the same amount of heads). Will you agree to play this game?

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How many digits are there in 2^50?

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A survey is given to all passengers on a number of different planes. The survey asks each person how full their plane was. The people answer honestly. If 50% of people claim that their plane was 80% full, while the other 50% claim that their plane was 20% full, how full was the average plane?

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Five people with different ages are going to sit in a round table. What is the probability that they sit in ascending or descending age order?

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So you said that American options are worth more than European options, do you know why? (Proceeds to test and show me)

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