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Given two die, what is the probability that the sum when rolled would add up to six?

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I give you 18 balls, of which 17 weigh the same and the last one is heavier than the rest. I also provide you a balance scale. Can you tell me the minimum number of weighs with which you can tell me which ball is the odd one?

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First round mental math 2 digit multiplication question and what is decimal value of 1/6 Behavioral: Why trading? why options? what do feel about risk? biggest failure? why do you think you'll succeed? Any questions for traders. etc.

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If you have 8 teams playing in a simple bracket would you rather win 1 million dollars for getting all of the game outcomes correct or receive 10,000 for getting at least one game correct.

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What is the angle at 3:15?

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Do you play poker?

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Why trading? We interviewed 15 people so far in the last week what is going to make you stand out? What do you know about us and what we do? What books have you read about trading? Mental arithmetic.

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Odds of 5 people sitting around a round table in chronological order of their birthdays.

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