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How many degrees are between the hour and minute hand on an analog clock when it is 5:15?

6 Answers

At 6:00 there are 180 degrees between the hour and minute hands. Each of the 6 numbers is 30 degrees. At 5:15, the minute hand is at 3, and the hour hand is past 5. This at least 60 degrees. At 15 minutes we can assume the hour hand is 1/4 of the way to 6, so 30/4 = 7.5. 7.5 + 60 = 67.5 degrees.

whoever posted that above is wrong. the correct answer: Each one hour segment has 15 degs between them. (45degrees = 15 minutes = 3 hours) so between the numbers 3 & 5 = 15 x 2 = 30degs The hour mark moves a 1/4 of the distance between 5&6 = 1/4 x 15 = 3.75 degs Answer = 33.75 degs

The person above in the Feb 8th assume that the all 24 hours is placed into 360 degree. An analog clock shows 12 hours (either AM or PM), and is 360 degrees. Thus, each hour is 30 degrees. Thus the first argument (Oct 20th, 2010) is correct.

We play a game. You flip two coins, if you get both heads I give you $1. If you get both tails you flip again. If you get one of each, I pay you nothing. What's the expected value of this game?

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Assume that on a chessboard, the King piece is on tile E1 (bottom row, 5 columns across). It can move straight forward, forward diagonally to the left, or forward diagonally to the right on each move. How many different paths can it take to get to tile E8 (top row, five columns across) in exactly 7 moves?

4 Answers

How many trailing zeros are there in 1000! (1000 factorial ie 1000 x 999 x 998 .... x 3 x 2 x 1)

3 Answers

You have two dice What is the probability of rolling a "3" total before rolling a "7" total?

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Assume its 6:45. What is the angle between the minute and hour hands? When will they next overlap, to the nearest SECOND?

2 Answers

What is R squared? (Statistics)

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What experience do you have with trade compliance?

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What is BofA currently trading at?

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Tell us about yourself

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