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If you have a deck of cards split into 4 piles and was offered 1:1 odds to draw a face card (J Q K A) from at least one of the piles, would you take the game? Why or why not?

4 Answers

No, basic statistics

I'm no expert but I don't see it that way. You lose the game if you draw non-face cards from all 4 piles. The probability of that is 39/52*38/51*37/50*36/49 = 30%. So you have a 70% chance of winning the game.

Yes, play the game at 1:1 odds. There are 16 face cards and 4 equal piles of 13 cards. By adding the probabilities of drawing a face card from at least 1 pile, you get 16/13. (1/13 + 1/13 + 1/13 + 13/13, or 4/13 + 4/13 + 4/13 + 4/13, and so on)...Doesn't matter how the face cards are arranged in the 4 piles. Thus, you would be willing to play the game at 1:1 odds.

What the probability of getting 2 consecutive heads in a total of N tosses (I found this one pretty hard and I didn't figure out the right answer at the time.)

5 Answers

What is the expected value to you of the following game: You and another person have 3 coins each. You both flip all of your coins and if your three coins show the same number of tails as the other person, you pay them $2, otherwise they pay you $1.

4 Answers

What is 29^2?

4 Answers

How many degrees separate the hands on an analog clock at 3:15?

3 Answers

What are odds of getting EXACTLY two (2) heads if you flip a fair coin 10 times?

2 Answers

Given a covariance matrix, how to get the corresponding correlation matrix.

1 Answer

What is 9*25?

1 Answer

Would you take 10 to 1 odds that a coin will land on heads 4 times in a row?

1 Answer

How to time 9 minutes from two 6-min burning wicks? pretty classic stuff

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