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What are the steps in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and what are the differences between the Waterfall and Agile development processes?

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Steps: Requirements, Specifications, Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment, Maintenance. Waterfall development is a highly structured process that requires completion of the previous step before advancing to the next one. Based on the idea that bugs found later in the process will be more costly. Agile development breaks down each problem into small incremental short term tasks. Emphasis is put on face to face daily meetings

They asked about the java questions and to write a program.

Please describe PL/SQL and HTML (including what they are used for and what the general syntax looks like).

u have been given an array. u don't know it's size. find the avg of its elements in Java

what is the difference b/w C and Java

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can inheritance be implemented in C. if yes how

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different types of exception. diff b/w exception and error

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