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ASHREI Professional Services Corporation
Director of Training & Recruitment was asked...May 15, 2015

Don't remember much on questions. CEO bragged alot about himself and asked about my resume.

4 Answers

Told him about my experiences.

Alternate position of assistant was offered to determine level of applicant's commitment to company, although originally responded to a director position. Wanted to see if applicant was just looking for ANY job. Gave off air of superiority, as if job was beneath "dignity". Clearly had trouble understanding industry and business model. As a Life & Health insurance brokerage, explained to applicant that she could write her own major medial insurance policy, once licensed, and would receive a commission as a result---which is standard industry practice. Just did NOT get this concept at all. If so confused about job, AND had such a negative impression of management and company, why accept job offer and waste so much time and training resources? All of which could have gone to someone who actually wanted the job. I am the company's founder. It is a fact. How is explaining the company's origin to a prospective employee bragging exactly? Less

FYI. Employee was terminated for cause.

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Metro Aviation

How do you handle difficult requirements?

7 Answers

Coordination, Speed/Cycle time, Identify and make a action plan. Listen and help. Less

Coordination, Be proud of being part of the company, listen, Identify and get the best job done. Less

Yes. I can handle sir

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LA Fitness

Question : Tell me about yourself

2 Answers

They don't really care, they were just trying to sell me $250 every two weeks, below minimum wage job. Less

My name is Tony, I'm a first lieutenant in the lebanese army, with a diploma from the United States army in ABOLC course, I have a diploma as a fitness expert from step ahead sports school, A certificate in personal training, Sports nutrition, strength and conditioning and finally in post rehabilitation. I'm a bodybuilding competitor men's physique category, got the first place in the lebanese bodybuilding contest three years in a row and competed in mr. Olympia amateur india 2017 and placed in rank 7. Less

Domina Coral Bay

The company did not have specific training programs, and I was asked to prepare them. That was difficult and unexpected too.

1 Answers

I said I will need some time (15 days) to go around meet employees, managers, and all levels of staff. Then I will need 2 months to prepare the necessary programs. Less

LA Fitness

Why should we hire you?

1 Answers

I have plenty of experience in the fitness industry. i have another point of view that will be very beneficial to your company. Less

MMC Corp

Do you really believe we carefully reviewed any applications, let alone yours, before rejecting you?

1 Answers

No I don't! Not when the rejection comes exactly at 2pm on Sunday afternoon. IF by chance you actually did carefully review my application, then carefully give feedback as to what you felt I lacked compared to what you want but failed to put in the job description. Less


How I would deal with firefighting issues as this would be the majority of the job. Asked several variations of this...

1 Answers

Tried to focus initially on how I would work on mitigating issues and risk management in the first instance then explained a few examples of dealing with issues. Less

KinderCare Learning Centers

gave details about a negative experience when I worked for this company in the past (I shared too muc)

1 Answers

I was truthful that I made mistakes in the past but they have led me to where I am now. my mistakes were important to learn Less


What are 5 words that don't describe you.

1 Answers

I would recommend making a list of your 5 biggest strengths and finding a way to flip each one into an antonym. Eg, If you are hard working you can flip it and say lazy and then elaborate why. Less


What experience do you have rolling out complex interdepartmental processes.

1 Answers

Provided two examples using SMART methodology.

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