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Sagitec Solutions
Senior Training Coordinator was asked...January 16, 2014

Describe your most challenging audience and how you handled them?

1 Answers

I first acknowledged that change is uncomfortable and that I could relate. Put myself in the audience's shoes (empathy) and was honest. Less


Tell us about a time you handled a new experience/situation?

8 Answers

I think “accepted offer” is a default option which you must select before post any interview reviews. Just called GE guys and they said it's still in the process of reviewing 1st round stuff, but around 500+ applicants makes this super tough lol Less

Have you heard back from them yet? I called them yesterday and they said they haven't finalized. Less

After how many days were you called for your second round of interviews?

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Alpha LSG

What challenges your resilience?

3 Answers


Challenges is a good reality

I gave a very honest answer focusing on: Challenges in maintaining work life balance, sudden changes in priorities, being unable to bring projects to completion due to technical or other issues, wasted effort. Less

The Sheffield College

How would you motivate young people?

3 Answers

Build rapport, made sure they understand why you are asking them to do what you are asking them to do, link to work. Less

Build a good relationship between them, then makes the future more clearly, and displays the possible ways that are offered to them. Be focus on helping them to choose the correct way Less

Young people are motivated to participate in sport for a variety of reasons. These include ego, pride, fear of failure, the challenge of competition, a desire and determination to succeed, the feeling of achievement from perfecting a skill and acknowledgement from peers, coaches and family. Research has shown that young people highly value the intrinsic rewards gained from participating in sport. Rewards such as the of learning a new skill, or merely being involved in sport with their friends, mean more for young athletes than the extrinsic rewards of receiving trophies or prizes. Less

Mattress Firm

What one thing my former employer would tell them that I wouldn't want them to say about me...

3 Answers

That I can become emotional, take things too seriously, take criticism too hard, and never take "NO" for the first, second, third, or hundredth answer. Seems like it worked for them. Less

My cocaine addiction is out of control.

Trick question. Former employers, by law, can only confirm you worked there and the dates you worked. Less


If I will accept the job.

2 Answers

Very enthusiasticly - Yes

Yes I would gladly and proud fully accept

First Bank of Nigeria

How effective are you with a computer? Most especially at typing.

2 Answers

I'm very effective and as a matter of fact I can say I'm an expert computer user. Less

Very effective, am a professional Computer user.

Alex and Ani

Why do you want to work for Alex and Ani? Bring me through a day at you current job.

2 Answers

I want to be a part of the culture and philosophy.

I also applied for sr graphic designer and never heard a word. Very unprofessional company. Less

BMW Group

Why the gap of two years in the Work Experience?

1 Answers

The real truth.


A customer walks into the model home and says there just looking, what do you say?

2 Answers

For your dream house?

It's your job to uncover the real reason they are there by building a rapport and asking questions. Less

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