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Texas Department of State Health Services
Program Specialist III (Training Specialist IV) was asked...April 17, 2015

Have you ever had challenges while using a particular database? If so, what was it?

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Ewisacwis database for CPS and SAS-statistical analysis system

Southern California Edison

How do you print from an excell document

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It was pretty basic just difficult to explain without a computer in front of you. Less

Morgan Stanley

Did I have a lot High Net Worth contacts?

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I have access to some who are willing to refer me to more, and I also have access to their meetings, and associations. Less

Texas Department of State Health Services

Have you ever conducted a needs assessment? What are the important compenents of a needs assessment?

Scenario #2 Email ticket: chat from an email address not listed as the customer’s billing or administrator contact; however, comes from the same domain as all other administrators. What the heck... I just received a copy of the last invoice and there was an extra line item on there in the amount of $62.87 for “usage”. We never agreed to pay any more than our $50.00 monthly plan. We never go over our storage quota because our customers upload a bunch of videos each day and then I delete them the next business day. I need to find out why your system incorrectly billed this charge and get a refund for this overpayment. Hint: Check out our Terms of Service to determine our policies regarding providing specific account information versus answering with general information not related to a specific account.

This exercise is scripting/programming language agnostic, you can use any language or method you wish to accomplish the task (even command line curl calls). Please use the following URL to access our older documentation site for more direct guidance on completing the necessary API requests: https://jonroth.hosted-by- API Requirements: API Key #1: 37a09903437add1b26a48ad57a84a4965a946ef3813e60a74fc1c86507c75642 API Key #2: ac4446cdf81331341e11478f1566b64c03fbf2de1d846d730c2d0fef41eb4337 Site Subdomain: jonroth Top-Level Folder: cs-test Submission/Upload Folder: cs-test-results Use key #1 to answer these questions: 1. How many items are in the folder, including all items in all subfolders? 2. What is the name and size of the largest subfolder in the top level of the folder the key can access? 3. What is the name and size of the largest file in the subfolder identified in the question above? 4. What is the name of the User who most recently downloaded the file identified in the question above, and when did that user download the file? 5. BONUS QUESTION: What region is the sub-folder found in question number 3 located? Write the answers to these questions in a file named as <yourfirstname- yourlastname>.txt Use key #2 to upload your answer file. Bonus Points: Upload a copy of the script(s) or pseudo code that you used to accomplish this task. This is not to demonstrate coding style, extensive grasp of the programming language, or most efficient use of resources. Rather, this will just allow us to see the approach the applicant took to solving the problem and their default “go-to language” used for testing. Please remember that this is completely language agnostic. Want to use a modern language? Go for it. Want to curl or bash it? No problem. Want to code in Turbo Pascal? Go ahead, and we will bow 800.286.8372 in reverence :) Please upload this as a separate file and be sure to include your first and last name as shown in the instructions in the filename for your submission.

Texas Department of State Health Services

Have you ever conducted a training exercise? How did you go about it?

This second challenge is designed to cover some areas of the platform that are heavily used by our customers. You should use your candidate account to accomplish the below tasks, and be sure to explain what you did for each item below when submitting your responses (e.g. Tell us what 2FA method you setup, and include a screenshot for bonus points). If you are unable to accomplish any of the below tasks, that’s ok; just explain that in your response. • Set up a 2FA method (not SMS) • Set up a Zapier integration • Set up a Webhook • Customize the branding on your site • When you upload a file via the web browser, what URL is the file uploaded to? • The web interface utilizes the REST API. Show us the response the API returns for displaying a user's last used ciphers when viewing the user in the web interface. • Set up a static site (publicly hosted folder) • Suggest an improvement to the platform

Scenario #3 Email ticket: message from the site admin for a large legal law firm [Premier Account with 300 users] that you have corresponded with numerous times over the past few months while getting their account setup. 800.286.8372 Hi team, it’s Melissa once again to toss an idea at you and seek your input on the best way to accomplish this workflow. I can just imagine you saying “Not her again” :). Our contracts team needs a way to accomplish the following: 1. Client (not a user on our account) has to have an ultra-secure way to send us a file 2. The contracts team needs to be alerted that we have received the file 3. They will download & delete the file from the system, modify locally, and then upload the revised document to the client’s archive folder. 4. The client needs to be able to download the revised document (just the one document and not their entire archive folder). Is this workflow possible? If so, what settings or features would I use to accomplish this? In addition, these documents are very sensitive and confidential information. We wouldn’t want any chance of them leaking to the public. Do you have any recommendations on how we can make sure things are secure and best practices for limiting access (from other departments AND even the client) to these files? Bonus Points: Draft out a proposed workflow for this situation. Workflow could be a paragraph, flow chart, folder structure, or any back of the napkin ideas you could offer this customer.

Southern California Edison

The asked variations of the same standard questions which was annoying. Boss you disagreed with and what did you do about it. (What if you've never disagreed with a boss?) Most difficult situation. Most difficult project, etc.

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