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Very easy questions. Mostly they want to know if you have done research on the company and understand what the job really entails. Be ready to explain your experience and how it might pertain to this particular position. Also there are a few scenario questions about how you might handle problem clients or coworkers.

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Patience and compassion is the key! They need to know you are caring and reliable, that's about it.

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Tell me why Employment and Training?

2 Answers

How many projects did you work on at the same time at your previous position and how long did you have to complete them?

2 Answers

Name a specific project you created and trained on.

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How would you run a webinar with little information and or relationship with the customer.

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Whether I was OK with drinking

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1. About the certifications listed in the job description. 2. Why I chose Fulton.

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Conversational, none really stood out. Questions about how you handle diversity. The implication that African American women may be difficult to work with....

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Relaying how I would deal with a difficult scenario

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How would you help someone who seemed disinterested in the class?

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