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On a scale of 1-10, rate your ability in the following three areas: 1. Writing skills, 2. Presentation skills, 3. Leadership skills

1 Answer

I rated myself high (but not 10) on two, and lower (a 6) on another, but I gave a thorough breakdown of how I've recognized this weakness and have spent a great deal of time working to improve on it.

Explain how a technical project in your past relates to this job functionality and makes you prepared for this job.

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Got a brain teaser about a 6x6 cube that was being dipped into paint. If you took off each later that was touched with paint 3 times, what type of cube would be left?

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My activities, what did we debate in debate societies

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The standard interview questions. Biggest Challenges. What are you looking to achieve in your career. What type of atmosphere do you work best in. No questions that one should not be prepared to answer.

Why Citi?

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Why do you want to join the company? Do you think you will want to stay here long?

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