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Sales Transaction Assistant - Cashier was asked...October 30, 2013

Explain the perfect manager in your opinion.

4 Answers

A manager that is not just about "sales" and is invested in their employees as well as the company. Someone approachable and can tell me when they want things done in a specific way. Less

A manager who does he/her job right but allows others to succeed and tell the employee their weaknesses Less

Hey are you still hiring

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How did you solve the problem with a customer whose product has not delivered on the expected date which he has ordered for his friend's b'day?

14 Answers

50% cash back in his Amazon wallet. That way that 50% money that he got has to be spent on Amazon itself and Amazon just sold two items instead of one. Less

By giving him a consolation gift which would include specialised wishes from amazon. Less

If possible through amazon policy, we can extend the no. of replacement days that is normally 10 to the days the product got delay +10 or we can provide same day/ next day delivery option free of cost on his next purchase. Less

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J.P. Morgan

Are you the kind of person who sits in front of the computer and work whole day? Do you prefer working in such condition?

3 Answers

Yes,i can sit for a whole day if the job requires me to do so.

As per my understanding whole day working it means in given or limited time frame. Please, let me correct if I am wrong. Less

yes, i can sit for a whole day and make the transactions. Even i am comfortable with this job Less


Why do you want to join Amazon??

3 Answers

it was my dream and amazon is the best world company

"I have wanted to work in this organization for a long time now, so when I heard abou Less

Amazon is a largest online shop. It is a good place to learn, because many ex-employees of this company has created their own company and running them successfully. It’s not only an online retail shop, but it also has a wide range of product e.g., Alexa, kindle, fire tablet, fire tv etc. Growth of this company is also pretty impressive. And it’s moto, work hard, have fun, make history, and it’s vision, earth’s most customer centric company, also inspires me. Less


I remember this one question which I took time for, A frog is stuck in 10 feet deep well where the water is filled up to 5 feet in height. Every day, the frog jumps up to 2 feet high and slips 1 foot down at the end of the day. How many days will the frog take to climb out of the well?

3 Answers

The right answer is 8 and not 3. 10-2=8

8 days to climb out of the well and 3 days to climb from the water

This question was tricky when I was trying to analyze the same and asked for 5 minutes of my time to reorganize my answer. The recruiter was calm enough and actually obliged me to do the same. I figured it out and answered the number of days would be 5 days. I did not get the answer right. He gave me another chance to prove my mettle. But I still did not get the answer right. The recruiter actually explained where I was going wrong and told me the answer. The right answer is 3 days, so, the frog is every day at 1 foot higher than it was the previous day which increases every day. The day when it is at the height of 8 feet it is out of the well as it jumps 2 feet off from that position. Less


Please make sure that you want to relocate

3 Answers



I demand the job


1. About Amazon and TRMS. 2. Will you sign a 3 year contract? 3. How to detect fraud sellers?

3 Answers

Wats ur ans on contract

I answered yes because I knew there was no contract involved and they just wanted to know how much I want to work in Amazon. Less

How to detect a fraud seller?


what are your strength and weaknesses?, they look for stability of the employee

3 Answers

i told my strenghth and weaknesses and assured my stability with the company

My strength to develop a positive relationships with the team members , Wanted everyone to work as there own job and most importantly love ur job . Less

My weakness to giv 100% skill to company but fails to do so .


Why should we hire you

3 Answers

first of all, As company already mentioned about the working profile which helped me to collect some of the relevant information about the role that is not aware by half of the populated candidates, and secondly I am very passionate at my work to show full interest as per the profit of company as well as employee with the satisfaction of customer. Less

As the requirement is for problem solving for the customer and its very relevant field for me how to convenience the customer. what kind of problems has occuerd during the delivery and tat should be solved systmatically. Less

As the requirement is for problem solving for the customer and its very relevant field for me how to convenience the customer. what kind of problems has occuerd during the delivery and tat should be solved systmatically. Less

JLL Partners

What is the different between debt and equity?

1 Answers

First, some definitions The debt market is the market where debt instruments are traded. Debt instruments are assets that require a fixed payment to the holder, usually with interest. Examples of debt instruments include bonds (government or corporate) and mortgages. The equity market (often referred to as the stock market) is the market for trading equity instruments. Stocks are securities that are a claim on the earnings and assets of a corporation (Mishkin 1998). An example of an equity instrument would be common stock shares, such as those traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Less

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