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MetroWest Medical Center
Transcriptionist was asked...February 22, 2016

Do you have trouble getting along with people? (Pathologist asked me that back in 2001) Was he after you? (in reference to a man from another place I had worked) We talked about everything but the position I had applied strangest interview, ever

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I did not know what to make of the interview process...especially the last one over the past few months. Anything but an interview. I felt like I was talking to a psychic...or a friend over a coffee. Very inappropriate and strange. And the H.R. rep was uppity with me and put down what I do for a living (that happened once before, even worse. In that situation the young woman said, "I would rather be in Hell itself than do what you do for a living"). Also made to feel like I had an 'ulterior motive' just for being I was under glass. Less

My girlfriend also interviewed for a transcription position and heard the same 'put-down' about the profession. Unreal, huh? She was in tears when she came home, and I was livid. I considered calling out the CEO on the interviewing practices at this 'monkey farm'. Nothing like this would ever happen at UMass Memorial in Worcester. Less

The fact that the female supervisor isolated you like she did...and then gave you such a strange look. You poor person. I would DEFINITELY contact the CEO about your humiliation. Less

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They asked me to transcribe an audio file.

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I did as instructed. However, the audio file was completely unprofessional and unecessary. This company could have chosen any audio file with appropriate challenges for their transcription test. Instead, they chose a file which contained put-downs of the applicant, obscenity, and comments bordering on racial slurs. After going through the application process offered by this company, I would never work for them, even if offered a job. By the way, I don't know the outcome of my application yet. Less

As general transcriptionists, we will encounter all types of audio files [ yes, even those with obscenities, racial slurs, and what have you.] We have to be professional at all times and not be easily offended by words we hear or read from files/audios. Our job is to transcribe what we hear. Besides, a GoTranscript transcriber has the option to take or reject any job if he/she feels it violates/ contradicts/ offends her person/ beliefs etc. Less

I am well aware that transcriptionists often have to transcribe things verbatim. However, is that the most important point to push in a company's initial encounter with an employee? My point was that the company made a very poor (unprofessional) first impression with me based on the file they asked me to transcribe. Less


What is your native language?

3 Answers

Hindi india



Allegis Transcription

(No interview) I wanted to submit my application experience.

2 Answers

(No interview) I wanted to submit my application experience.

Did you ask them about the errors? Did you receive the "corrected" transcript so you could see where the words in question were? I mean, there are hundreds of employees who've gone through the same testing and made it, so perhaps it's your headphones that aren't allowing you to hear everything. I'm sorry you had a negative experience. They really are a fair and wonderful company to work for. Less

Logan Health

Would I be willing to rotate working weekends?

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Yes, I would do so. However, once hired they demanded I make another 1000 mile round trip to get work equipment. Because I could not do this, they withdrew their offer. Deceptive and/or incompetent management who cannot or will not think "out of the box." I wasted 2 months and $1000.00 dollars of my meager savings just to be misused and deceived. Less

I might add this employer attempted to force-vaccinate me as employers around the country are now doing in ever increasing numbers, even though objective studies not financed by drug companies show little to no benefit from the flu vaccine and a significant risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome in adults. Before anyone tries to use the canard that I'm not educated enough to understand vaccination, tell that to the hundreds if not thousands of RN's nationwide who are refusing flu vaccine and being fired for it. They've seen the effects and want no part of it. Less


Actually very simple questions were asked like.. tell me about yourself, what did you understand about Transcription and why do you want to become a Transcriptionist

2 Answers

transcription is the process of converting speech into written or electronic text document. There are different types of transcriptions like phonetic transcription, orthographic transcription and medical transcription. In medical transcription we're dealing with the documentation of patient's medical record. Less

Is their any agreement in this compnay


Availability of when you can work (1st, 2nd, 3rd shift)

2 Answers

Which ever would keep me the busiest to earn the most money.

Am not interested in working for this company. I have and they no longer employ anyone who resides in California. Less

Quest Diagnostics

Do you have experience with anatomic pathology?

2 Answers

I replied that I did, to a limited degree.


Amphion Medical Solutions

Do you want to work for us, yes or no?

1 Answers

Yes, I will.

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