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Question regarding manufacturing tested party and appropriate PLI

What is transfer pricing? What kind of journal you usually read? Who is your favorite economist? Which function in excel you like most?

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How has your education prepared you for this position?

Tell me about a time you experienced difficulty working in a group. Walk me through your resume.

Why are you interested in Transfer Pricing?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Why TP?

Basic things off my resume and why transfer pricing and what I already knew about it. Second round interviews seemed more like I was interviewing them same basic behavioral stuff for 5 minutes then they asked me in each of the "interviews" if I had any questions for them. I had a few good questions prepared but the office visit was so casual and the interviews did not seek to challenge wha I knew or my capabilities ar all. So I was a bit dissapointed when I didn't get an offer when some of my colleagues got offers without even going to a second round office visit first.

Use three sentences to introduce excel to a little boy.

What do you know about Transfer Pricing?

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