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Transportation Management interview questions

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Scenario questions like. If you were in a situation where a coworker was doing something illegal or against company policy, what would you do?

2 Answers

Ensure that there is no immediate safety concerns, then neutralize the situation as professionally as possible. Maybe by convincing the coworker that it wouldn't be the smartest thing to do. Then report the problem to an immediate supervisor as soon as possible.

It follows that safety concerns are the first thing out of my mouth here. I experienced partners doing things which were not dangerous-yet were against policy... If you allow them to "get away with it," your own integrity will be ruined and you will not be regarded for promotions. Your answer should include telling the immediate supervisor.

What would you do if you had plans to meet a friend after work and the person relieving you was running late and you have a flight battling some bad weather.

1 Answer

Trick question about getting dual assignments in a mass casualty situation.

2 Answers

If your supervisor gives you a direct order that you know is against company policy how do you handle the situation?

1 Answer

Have you had a speeding ticket recently?

2 Answers

What would you do in your first 30-60-90 days?

1 Answer

why do you want to work here?

1 Answer

Do you have experience with record compliance as it relates to the DOT?

1 Answer

How would you deal with not being able to deliver on time?

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How do you coach and incentivize people with a limited budget to be the very best they can be for themselves and for the company?

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