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Travel Agencies interview questions

American Automobile Association (AAA) Interviews /  HQ: Heathrow, FL

305 Interviews

2.7 Average

Norwegian Cruise Line Interviews /  HQ: Miami, FL

74 Interviews

2.4 Easy

The Mark Travel Corporation Interviews /  HQ: Milwaukee, WI

72 Interviews

2.7 Average

Interview Questions

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How well do you work in a team enviroment?

2 Answers

I get along quite well with the team. I work very hard at the task at hand and try to see if anyone needs my help and I feel good about myself taking the lead and to motivate people in getting the job well done.

I love working anyone.. So.. I will do my best to help each other.. So we cuold work smooth and easy..

What would you do if 2 attorneys asked for different tasks, at the same time and both had the same filing deadline?

1 Answer

Do you believe in Big Foot?

39 Answers

How did you hear about us?

4 Answers

Describe how you interact with your community?

2 Answers

How well do you think you handle yourself in large groups of people?

2 Answers

What is the most important aspect of selling?

2 Answers

What makes you want to work for us?

2 Answers

I am having a hard time understanding how your experience translates over into this position, a very hard time. Convince me we should move forward.

2 Answers

Don't you live on the east side? Isn't that too far of a commute? And wouldn't you want to transfer? That is why I am not going through with your application.

1 Answer
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