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Don't you live on the east side? Isn't that too far of a commute? And wouldn't you want to transfer? That is why I am not going through with your application.

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I would mind the commute, if theres a will theres a way

the sales director barely looks at you as he does not like to interview and makes sure you know this

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about exp and qualifications

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Most difficult question - Tell me about a time that you developed a plan for a problem and how the plan was implemented.

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demonstrate a time where you had to take up a role that you were not prepared for, and how you dealt with the pressure.

Describe a time you went above and beyond your job to help a customer who was in need.

Ever been on team when you succeeded in achieving a goal

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Describe a time you had to bend or go around policy to satisfy a customer, in what situation is this acceptable if any?

Tell us where your favorite travel desitination is and why?

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