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Axis Bank
Assistant Manager- Treasury Operations was asked...July 26, 2017

They asked me technical questions

2 Answers

I had prepared for it

which recrutor you choos

The most difficult question is about how do you manage Stress.

2 Answers

taking vitamins and proper exercise and proper meal everyday.

In these question the Chief Financial Officer will check on how will you manage stress while working 8 hours straight, without going out of the workplace because the work requires keen observation of transactions, the employee should remain in his post, and the only time that he/she can go away from his/her post is when he/she needs to go the the C.R., that should take a minute or two. Best answers for this question are those things an employee can do to manage his/her stress without living the post. Less

Chesapeake Energy

Why would a company have $20 million dollars setting in a bank account?

2 Answers

In order to remain liquid enough to meet short term financial obligations and to take advantage of potential opportunities as they arise. Less

The company would miss out on income it could receive if that money was invested or being utilized elsewhere. Less


Did I know a joke I could share?

2 Answers

I am naturally funny! I create jokes on the spot.

Advised him that I did not know any jokes off the top of my head; he advised that he was testing my trustworthiness. Less

Puregold Price Club
Treasury was asked...September 23, 2017

What are your strength?

2 Answers

I can work with less supervision. I can easily be taught of. I am hardworking.

I am a hard working and self-driven person. A fast learner and positive thinker. I can work under pressure and value my work. Less

Essel Group

Reason for leaving the current Job ?

2 Answers

third party and not a good culture of working

leaders are not knowing bout companies and produucts

General Motors (GM)
Treasury was asked...March 26, 2011

How do companies determine capital structure

1 Answers

Short answer…It's irrelevant. We’ll just ask for a bailout if we can pay debtholders. Less

George Weston

What is your most significant achievement

1 Answers

I elaborated a role where I saved company some significant money.

Why did you apply for this job?

1 Answers

By then, I was coming from Standard Bank Ltd, actually a big organisation, so I told the panel that I had a qualification relevant to the job advertised. Secondly, with the vast experience I was carrying, I would help the bank to also grow. I wanted to be part of the team entrusted deliver customer oriented service through a skilled and motivated team, with the view of maximizing shareholder value, whilst remaining relevant to the communities in which we are operating Less

City of Scottsdale

Mundane run of the mill---How do you see yourself in five years; How do you forecast revenues? Overall interviewer/s were positive pleasant people but glaring red flags were given. Red flag number one: when I asked questions at the end of the interview only the manager was allowed to answer--in fact only one of the three subordinates responded during this round and that was only after after the manager gave her permission. Red flag number two: the manager stated the current staff was half of what it needed to be. Red flag number three: during my entire interview I did not see one of the three subordinates smile once. Ultimately I was not offered job, in hindsight I am thankful for that---I felt like I dodged a bullet. (Remember, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you)

1 Answers

Most the time I smiled and gave bland answers to their bland questions.

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