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Truck Rental & Leasing interview questions

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Nothing very unexpected or difficult. As this is a work from home position, I did have to bring in proof of my current internet connection/speed but that was fairly straightforward.

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Hello. Do you still work for Uhaul? How do/did you like the Sales position? What was you schedule like? I am interviewing next week. Thank you

I do still work for U-Haul, reluctantly. They have changed the bonus structure several times over the past year. The schedule is either grueling or non-existent (there is no in-between). Scheduling is inconsistent and corporate has almost 0 desire to maintain happy employees. It's churn & burn. If you need the money/job, go for it. But if you expect a career or a good job, look elsewhere. At least a quarter of the people I know through U-Haul are either looking for work or have already found work elsewhere.

Thank you for your response. It was very helpful. I ended up canceling the interview because I can not start as early as 5am, but I am now doing a phone interview tomorrow for the E-Center Sales position... sigh... Yes, it's not my first choice in jobs, but I need to work at home until I get my business up and running. Based on the initial information I was provided, I was told they do not know what the hours would be.... a bit ridiculous. We shall see... again, thanks for the response. Very helpful

Interviewer was very interested in previous work history, stability, duties performed and reason(s) for leaving. The interview was very straight forward. There was not a lot of interest in skills, no skill testing. The interview seemed hurried as there were many candidates scheduled to interview.

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How do you do a screen shot on a computer?

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Can we set up a direct pull from your bank account so we can pull money to pay for the use of our web sight, phone line we are putting in, and for any missing or damaged equipment we may say you are responsible for.

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How was my driving record?

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There was no one specific question asked. The person interviewing you can be either the Marketing Company President, or the Executive Assistant. For the most part neither one of these individuals truly understands the position of being an Area Field Manager. All they have to refer to is the job description that is a company management bulletin.

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The GM and ASM were in the same room interviewing me the ASM was very unprofessional. Later this manager was terminated.

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The most important question for any future employee to answer appropriately is regarding their availability.

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The most difficult question I had to answer was about my availbility because I'm usually really flexible with my schedule and they didnt understand how someone could be like that.

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