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Trucking interview questions

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How much experience do you have?

1 Answer

2 years

"Do you have a five year plan?" I told him I did not. The VP's response was "Well you've had eleven months to figure it out. Why don't you have a plan?" It is none of his business what my future plans are. He had no right to give me a hard time about not having a five year plan. All he needed to know about me was how I'd would do the job at hand and my previous experience.

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How would you handle a dispute with driver over delivery's

1 Answer

Name an instance where you had a problem at your previous work and how did you solve it?

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If I were an animal, which one would I be....

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Why i want to work at Central Transport?

1 Answer

Relevant experience and suggestions on how to drive sales.

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Basic strengths and weaknesses. Leadership Roles

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Tell me what is not on your resume.

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