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How important do you feel is airport security?

3 Answers

I feel that it is very important for the simple fact that it keeps our planes safe from terrorists and other hazardous situations

Yes airport security really made a huge difference on 9/11. I think they are a great asset, Not! Security should be tightened at our country's borders..

I feel it is very important. they keep our planes safe & ever since 9/11 the airport security is more strict & non tolerant so it is VERY important

What would you do if you saw someone with a suspicious bag

2 Answers

back then, it was had I ever sold anything over the phone and if I never had, could I?

1 Answer

How would you handle being cursed out over the phone?

1 Answer

The typical questions

1 Answer

Name a time you had to make a decision with little resource in a timely manner

Basic questions that anybody with 6 months experience working in customer service/ dealing with people could answer. I thought it was pretty easy and fair, especially for those with only a high school education.

Describe a time you dealt with a negative person?

1 Answer
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