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Raytheon Interviews in Tucson

www.raytheon.com /  HQ: Waltham, MA

116 Interviews in Tucson (of 884)

2.6 Average

University of Arizona Interviews in Tucson

www.arizona.edu /  HQ: Tucson, AZ

79 Interviews in Tucson (of 128)

2.4 Easy

GEICO Interviews in Tucson

www.geico.jobs /  HQ: Washington, DC

50 Interviews in Tucson (of 1,997)

3.3 Difficult

Interview Questions in Tucson

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What's your experience with online content creation?

1 Answer

Minimal honestly. But in school I did contribute sparingly to a newsletter that covered local restaurants in the area. It was a small, college town so it gave me a chance to work pretty closely with the business owners.

How would you handle an irate client?

1 Answer

How do you estimate the time you'll use to create a learning event?

1 Answer

Are you a team player

1 Answer

True or false: people do lots of annoying things.

5 Answers

How would you feel if you were 100% of plan and put on notice?

4 Answers

What would the inside of my car look like if we were to go look inside of it right now?

2 Answers

One of my future peers asked me if I was really ready to step into such a negative culture.

3 Answers

I was asked a question about customer service.

2 Answers

I a customer's Iphone is having trouble with email (won't receive or send emails) how would you help the customer troubleshoot?

3 Answers
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