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Office Assistant Interview Questions in Tucson, AZ

"Office assistants serve both employees and customers by supporting operations, troubleshooting, and maintaining supplies. During an interview, employers may ask about your interest in their industry, competence in word-processing programs, and your personal skills that you can bring to the company. In addition, be prepared to talk about how you work under stress or handle conflict within the work environment. To ace your interview, come with an enthusiastic attitude with a real deal desire to help others."

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How would you handle a difficult customer who called and wanted to donate something we don't accept?

1 Answer

I would calmly and politely explain to them that we don't accept that item and apologize for any inconvenience, then I would refer them to another organization or company that may be able to take the item in question.

Describe a time when I had to handle a situation that showed my dependability and how that situation ended.

I don't recall any difficult questions. They are usually in the range of "how are you with X tasks?" and "how have you handled a situation like X in the past?"